2018B - “Señor Toothpick”

This bot is an exchange bot, with a simplistic design that transports cubes to the power-up station.

The second robot of our 2018 season, Toothpick comes from humble origins. Forged from the chassis of “The Kraken,” our 2017 bot, it was initially meant to be the practice bot for code. However, it was brought to WVROX, an off-season competition, as a backup for the Guillotine. There, it earned its place as an exchange bot as well as a star moment, which is shown to the right.

After WVROX, Toothpick was disassembled and rebuilt by the new freshmen. It gained new additions including a claw to pick up and manipulate the power cubes. At IROC Toothpick was used to train our new freshmen drivers. It ended up as 3rd seed alliance captain and went to the quarterfinals.