Events and Outreach

[March 2-3, 2019] Team 5549 Competed at the 2019 Chesapeake District Haymarket Competition hosted by Team 1885, ILITE Robotics. Team 5549 finished the qualification matches in 29th place before being picked for the 3rd seed alliance alongside Teams 2534 and 2199. The alliance made it to the semi-finals where it was knocked out in the 3rd match. Team 5549 finished the day by winning the FIRST Imagery Award in Honor of Jack Kamen.

[October 20th, 2018] Team 5549 attends IROC, an off-season competition hosted by Team 1885, ILITE Robotics. 5549 entered with 2 teams, 5549a with Guillotine, and 5549b with Señor Toothpick. 5549b ranked 4th and became the 3rd seed alliance captain for the quarterfinals.

[August 2-5th] FRC Team 5549 competed in WVROX, a 26 hour continuous robotics competition. The competition was hosted by FRC Team 2641, MARS, at West Virginia University. 

[July 11th & 14th, 2018] Team 5549 went to Bailey's Upper Elementary School to talk to 3-5th graders about FIRST Robotics and STEM. Bailey's is starting an FLL team which 5549 is excited to help mentor!

[April 6th 2018]  Members of team 5549 demoed their FRC 2018 Power Up robot, "Guillotine", at the 2018 Science and Engineering Festival in Washington D.C. on behalf of FIRST.  They demoed alongside other FIRST Teams including 1111, 612, 5587, and 449.

[March 15th & 20th, 2018] Team 5549 accompanied Marshall Academy and presented to middle schoolers at Longfellow and Cooper Middle School.

[March 3-4th and 24-26th, 2018] Team 5549 attended their CHS district competitions of the 2018 FIRST Power Up season in Haymarket, VA and Edgewater, MD. They finished in the semifinals of both competitions, and placed 2nd for the saftey award at Edgewater.

[January 6th - February 19th, 2018] Team 5549 Works hard during the 2018 FIRST Power Up build season. 

[October 7, 2017] Team 5549 during the Girls Scout Adventure Day showing off their 2017 Steamworks robot. (Use the arrow keys to transition between photos.)

[October 1, 2017] Team 5549 during the 2017 Annual Car wash fundraiser. Many thanks to all who attended and those who kindly donated. (Use the arrow keys to transition between photos.) 

FRC Team 5549 during the Steamworks Competition in early 2017, along with photos of the team preparing for the competition in preseason. (Use the arrow keys to transition between photos.)